Lifetime Basketball Double Shot 90056 Arcade Basketball Game Review

Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade Electronic Game.

One of the most innovative innovations to the market for basketball products for home use included the game of personal arcade. One of the products available on the market that I have personally played with is the 90056 Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game by Lifetime Products.

Positives regarding the game 90056 Double Shot Arcade Basketball Game

As a kid I played on a variety of different basketball arcade systems, including the first Double Shot from Lifetime Products. They had similar features, i.e. two hoops to score and netting to return the ball back to you, plastic score keepers, etc. Although these systems are nearly always enjoyable to play with but their fragile design caused them to wear out rather quickly. Particularly the plastic clicker which is used to keep score quickly broke following repeated usage. Before the clicker was broken the device was vulnerable to faulty score keeping. depending on the manner in which the ball struck the clicker, there were instances when the clicker double counted or did not count the basket. Other flaws included a smaller area that two players could shoot from, weaker tubing made of steel and fragile the rims.

The 9005 is a remake of the first Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Game. The above-mentioned flaws were significantly improved on. For example the 90056 does not make use of the plastic clicker any more and instead, scoring process is performed using an array of infrared sensors placed above and under each hoops. This not only eliminates the issue of breakage caused by the clickers made of plastic, but also the scoring mechanism also ensures a more precise record of scores. The steel in the brand new Double Shot is greatly improved on – both stronger fingerlakes1 consumer reports and more robust as well as the rims are as well bolstered. The Double Shot also comes with 7 basketballs, while previously it was only six (other systems that are currently offered have 6 or less). The greater number of basketballs might seem to be a trivial issue but it’s more difficult to play with two gamers when you have less shooting basketballs.

Negatives regarding the game 90056 Lifetime Basketball Double Shot Arcade Game

The only problem I’ve observed in the system so far is in the process of setting up the system. We encountered a lot of trouble making the holes in the various tubes of steel line up to connect them. What we did was reading the directions again, discovering a short mention of not tightening too much the nuts and bolts and then loosening the bolts and nuts to ensure that the components are in the correct position. If the instructions state”not to “over tighten” the words do not mean snug, they are referring to loose. If you leave the frame bolts and nuts loose, you will be able to line up all with the holes on the system. Apart from this one issue we’ve had no issues with the unit.